Inverter Repairs &

Repairing and replacing out of warranty inverters

Has your Solar retailer gone bust?
Inverter not under warranty support anymore?
Inverter showing fault codes?


Shut your system down and leaving it for about 15 minutes, then re-starting it sometimes fixes the issue.

Otherwise we can organize a visit to check you solar power system, and to repair or replace your damaged inverter.

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Solar System Service in Melbourne

Other than solar panel installation in Melbourne, our experts also offer solar system repairment and replacement services Victoria-wide. While solar panels rarely show faults, inverters are generally more vulnerable. It is important to regularly maintain solar panels if you want to keep them working efficiently and safely.

Solar System Repair

If there has been a long period without rain, dust and debris will excessively build up on your solar panels, then it is worth cleaning them. In addition, it may require a need to fix them while encountering situations like moisture seepage, vermin or extreme weather such as hail, hurricanes, tornadoes or lightning which may cause damage or deterioration to your system.

Therefore, just like running a car, it is a good idea to possess routine maintenance that will keep your solar panels performing well and saving your power bills for many years. At Sundra Energy, we service solar systems from regular maintenance to repairing and replacing key components in your solar system. Our expertise allowed us to service solar system from other service providers and manufacturers at an affordable price while offering the same solar panel expertise for our solar panel systems across Melbourne and Victoria.